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“Eat’n Good” is more than just a slogan, it’s family!  It’s our pleasure to serve you our delicious barbecued meats, Pit-Tatoes, homemade Red Sauce BBQ, and so much more!  Whether your coming to dine at our Beautiful outdooor eating area, take food home or to work... to the beach or park, to the boat or RV, or to the hotel or cabin we have a great meal for you!  Best of all you can let us know when you’d like to pick it up and enjoy our “Cluck’n Fast- Curbside Pickup!”

Cluck Bucket owner Sheri Eaton has been in the restaurant and hospitality industry for many years, she loves people!  For a number of years Sheri was home raising the Eaton kids, all 7 of them, while her husband owned a Construction Company.  In 2018 Sheri was dealt a “bucket of lemons,” when her husband, Derek,  had emergent open heart surgery to try and save his life from an aortic dissection!  God brought Derek through the very long surgery and he spent the next week continuing to fight for his life.   His lungs and kidneys were damaged badly and he was in medical induced coma.  On Christmas Eve 2018 they received a Christmas miracle and Derek was able to go home!  Derek was told in February at his checkup that his career in Construction was over and he was put on very strict restrictions for life.  “LEMONS”... Derek was the sole provider for the Eaton family of 9!!  “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”  But God gave Sheri a dream to bring amazing chicken, Pit-Tatoes, homemade sides and more to Ludington, and specifically at 88 S. Pere Marquette Hwy which was a vacant overgrown small lot that had been for sale for many many years.  On February 16, 2019 the vision for “Cluck Bucket” was birthed!  On May 24, 2019 Cluck Bucket opened the food truck window to a line of people excited to “Eat’n Good!”  

“I love family time, making memories, and enjoying the beautiful landscapes Ludington has to offer!  Let me do the cooking for your lunch or dinner while you spend your day making beautiful memories with family and friends!  I hope you enjoy all our delicious options,  offering individual meals and handhelds, family meals, and parties of all sizes!  Let me cook for your family, wedding, graduation, reunion, office meetings, employee appreciations, fundraisers, and more!  Thank you to my community for all your love and support, we are truly blessed to live here and serve you!”  ~Sheri